Main Menu

Please note menus are a sample and are subject to change.


Soup of the Day…£4.95

Prawn platter served with lemon and lime mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce…£6.75

English cheese and walnut pate with blueberry relish served on toasted onion bread…£5.95

Oriental pulled lamb filo roll with plum and star anise sauce…£6.50

Smoked chicken on a celeriac and apple coleslaw finished with a grained mustard dressing…£5.95


Smoked haddock Scotch egg on a creamy spinach sauce…£11.50

Thai cashew nut curry served on rice….£9.95

Chargrilled ribeye steak with a masala and mushroom sauce…£17.95

Sausages of the Day, mash potato, onion gravy and onion rings….£10.95

Moroccan slowly cooked ¼ shoulder of lamb with a roasted vegetable cous cous…£13.95

Pork burger topped with stilton and an apple chutney, onion rings and chips…£10.95

Poached chicken breast on a chorizo and bean casserole…£11.95

Chargrilled calves liver and bacon, sage and onion potato cake and onion gravy…£13.95


Fresh skate wing…£15.95

Fresh cod fillet…£13.95

Fresh plaice fillet…£13.95

Fresh salmon…£13.95

Fish can be served battered or grilled.

Grilled fish can be served with lemon and caper butter or white wine and dill sauce

We cannot guarantee that our menu is totally free from nuts and nut derivatives, or our fish free of bones. If you have any food allergies or intolerances please speak to a member of staff.